Friday, March 12, 2010

Consider the Consequence

Up on my Soap Box for Parental Responsibility:

Jessie Owens said that, “a life time of training for just 10 seconds." Whether our kids make a right or wrong choice that can affect their lives can happen in less than the blink of an eye. As parents, we may devote a lifetime of training our children for that one brief blink moment. However, the counter- pressure is not to impose the consequence necessary to complete the training. As parents we are not always ready for the reverse consequences to ourselves that this necessary training might have on us. We don't seem braced to accept that in doing the right thing for our kids, we may appear in the short run to stand to lose our sons' and/or daughters' friendship (I don't think their respect). Ten seconds is ten times longer than it takes to make a bad decision that may affect our kids for the rest of their lives. Step up and take the risk that the consequence of accountability may be more important for our kids in the long run then their immediate friendship.