Friday, February 5, 2010

A Slap in the Facebook - My Daughter Declined my Invitation of Friendship

Should parents join facebook ? I sent a facebook request to my daughter who is a college freshman.  My four high school age kids accepted my request.  She declined.  SHE DECLINED.  At first I was annoyed.  I associated her decline with the way I might feel if my credit card was declined for no good reason.  However, after I stopped imagining all of the inappropriate comments and pictures that she must have posted and that she wanted to keep me from seeing, my rational side accepted her choice.  My daughter, and my other teens as well, are entitled to their privacy.  In the same way I would not pick up the phone and listen in on a private conversation, Teens should be allowed to communicate with their peers without feeling censored.  Facebook can be a great social network for adults to reconnect with family and friends.  It is not a slap in the face to have a friendship request declined by your son or daughter.  Besides, your cousin Fred will always be happy to reconnect and share with you what he had for breakfast.

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