Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tailgating Teens

Teens and Tailgating before concerts is becoming routine.  Beware.  In Connecticut, Teens arrested for possession of alcohol on public or private property will face a stiff fine and loss of their license. For teens who are not drinking but who still want to participate in the party here are three tips:
1.    Move On - The law regarding alcohol is about possession, not consumption.  If you are at a tailgate where there is alcohol, you will likely be arrested whether or not you have been drinking.
2.   Move On - Fireworks injury hundreds of bystanders every year.  When the rockets come out it is time to get out.
3.   Move On - Violence erupts often without warning.  If you feel tempers rising and anxiety brewing, it might be time to go into the show rather than become part of someone else's drama.

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