Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Effect of the Recession on Gen Y: How will Gen Y Shape Policy in the Future ?

It is reported that the recession has had a significant impact on the Gen Y. Over 70% are worried about not having enough money to live and 53% are living paycheck to paycheck. Gen Y workers are less likely to have the security net of disability insurance. They believe that employer benefits for the most part are to few. Over 50% would like their employer to provide access to investment advice. When Gen Y moves into the legislature, the judiciary and the White House, what effect will these experiences have on how Gen Y shapes policy into the future ? What laws might be enacted that would effect the aging Gen X parents and the emerging Gen Z ? What laws might be enacted by the present Gen X and aging Baby-Boomers that might effect the future policy choices of Gen Y ? The future is beiing formed now.

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